The buyer has the right for verification in a presence of the courier if the package is intact and the compatibility of with the order.
In the case of ascertainment of damage, the customer is obligated to create a damage protocol in the presence of a courier and inform the company about it.

The buyer should deliver a piece of short information about the damage to the product.

The seller is responsible for the physical damages of the sold products on the basis of warranty. If the goods were damaged during the shipment or show any factory defects it will be exchanged to the new, not damaged one. In order to do that, you should contact the company and send the goods back to our show together with the received receipt.
The costs of the shipment will be paid back to the customer.
We do not accept COD deliveries.
The damaged product will be exchanged to a new one and in case it is impossible e. g. Lack of the product in the magazine we will offer other products or will send the money back.